"goodness is the only investment that never fails”
Henry David Thoreau


welcome to goodness secrets!
I'm pleased you're stopping by - that certainly means that we both share some passions whether that is yoga, mindful travel or a desire to experience wellness that hopefully is also making you search for ways to lead a more sustainable, meaningful, healthy lifestyle.

This is a project to document a groundbreaking personal (and even professional!) life transformation that perhaps may also inspire you and many more to come.
Far from being a health and beauty guru, I'm what you may say a normal girl who has always been into sports but also into the crazy "work hard, play hard" philosophy that rules life for young workers in big cities such as London.
Those fun, hectic days have now been left behind and I'm happily embracing new life experiences as a converted urban yogi.
An unexpected journey of self-discovery that is truly bringing inner-happiness and contentment.
I'm glad you're joining me - hope that you also enjoy it and please, feel free to say hi and share any knowledge you think may be of benefit, I'd indeed love to hear from you!

what can you find here?
goodness secrets endeavours to bring together personal experiences as well as the result of research and insight from those really in the know across all the following topics
  1. 1
    mindful travel
    Look for tips on destinations and cool spots to help you unwind and reconnect with your true self. Mindful travel is all about experiences to help you grow!
  2. 2
    yoga + yoga + yoga
    An especially Jivamukti yoga. After a couple of years practising the style I decided to take up the 300 hours teacher training and have already started teaching. Check the dedicated tab for details and schedule!
  3. 3
    healthy living
    Here I gonna attempt to explore new ways of living that are more ethical and conscious to Mother Earth, join me on the discovery.
  4. 4
    I've also incorporated it into my daily wellness routine and is the workout that helps me wake up in the early hours - not a professional sprinter though!
  5. 5
    Spirituality and how to best bring it about will be an important part of my writing - on the firm believe that this is the key to experience true wellness!
  6. 6
    yummy food
    As a converted urban yogi I've crossed the road into vegetarianism although had to bring back an extra dose of Omega 3 - 6, understand why.
  7. 7
    sustainable fashion
    With a background in Fashion PR and Communications, there is no wonder that this has always been a theme of interest. The yoga edition will be curating a selection of the best.
  8. 8
    organic beauty
    And the transformation is also taking me to use non-chemical, organic products. Something that started in the past that is now becoming the MUST-HAVE choice.
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