almudena pastor
Certified 300 hours Jivamukti Yoga Teacher (Maharastra, India - February 2016)
Certified 200 hours Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa (Siddhi Yoga, Goa, India - November 2014)
Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher
Yoga trail profile

Resident Jivamukti Yoga Teacher at Talalla Retreat (Sri Lanka, Mar - Apr 2016)
Volunteer Jivamukti, Hatha and Yin yoga teacher at Eco-Logic Resort (Thailand, May - Jun 2016)
Jivamukti covers across London studios ( Yogahaven , Bikram Yoga , Virgin Active , Corporate, Aug 2016 - Mar 2017)
Interim Jivamukti yoga teacher at Yogacongracia (Barcelona, Aug 2017)
Resident Jivamukti Yoga teacher at Soma Life Centre (Madrid, Mar 2018 - present)


Almudena follows the Jivamukti Method in her classes, incorporating the five tenets that are the main foundation of this integrated and invigorating yoga style: kindness (Ahimsa), meditation (Dhyana), chanting (Bhakti), ancient scriptures (Shastra), sound (Nada).

Her classes are designed as an intermediate/intense, creative vinyasa sequence that combines movement and breathing as the linking mechanism to connect mind, body and soul, resulting in an equally grounding and elevating experience that brings about a deep sense of wellbeing, eased by hands-on alignments. Almu’s philosophy is to inspire her students to become the best version of themselves by using the yoga practice and its ancient teachings on / off the mat contributing in this way to create a better world we can all enjoy.

Almudena is deeply thankful to all her teachers Jules Febre, Lady Ruth and Acharya Yoges, mentor Doug Whittaker, Jivamukti Co- founders Sharon Gannon and David Life for all the learnings passed down as well as Cat Alip-Douglas for motivating her to keep on practicing at Jivamukti London. Likewise, she sends her blessing to all the yoga teachers that continue to inspire her journey, her family, travels and anyone that comes into her life sharing his / her light (or darkness as is certainly also an opportunity for growth!).

classes curriculum

• Jivamukti beginners (a module of 4 days/weeks, each focusing on different asana types/aspects of an Open Class (90’)
• Jivamukti Open class (Intermediate; 45’ – 60’ – 70’ – 90’)
• Spiritual Warrior (set up sequence; 60’)
• Hatha/Yin yoga Level 1 (60’/on demand).
• Guided mediations (Buddhist, Jivamukti and mantra style).